Clover chains on Memorial day


It feels like summer here in DC. The hydrangeas and peonies are starting to bloom, there’s a strong warm breeze blowing and clover has overtaken our yard.  Remember when you used to make necklaces from clover, or eat the tangy bud of a sweet pickle weed?  Remember when you rushed home from school just to play–homework forgotten?  Well, someone in my neighborhood remembers.  It was a great surprise to walk down the street and be greeted by this joyous banner of summer, swinging in the breeze!  What will you discover this weekend?  Let me know!

About thecraftylawyer

I am a Washington, D.C. lawyer by day, but like most of us, I juggle work and family and try, try, TRY to keep a hobby or two for myself. For me, that's a little art on the side. I make jewelry and do a lot of collage work and thought it was about time to start memorializing some of the quirky things I do, the fun finds, and just the random bits of beauty and art that surround us all the time, if we just know where to look. Find my jewelry on Etsy at Craftylawyer27 . I believe in Whimsy You Can Wear!

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  1. We always made our necklaces with yellow dandelion flowers. They were beautiful, but the white juices in the stem also made them very sticky. That never kept us from putting them around our necks or on our heads like crowns. What will I discover this Memorial Day weekend? I hope I discover crystal clear water with no hint of green in the backyard pool and birds in the newly set up bird bath!

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