The Joy of Curbside Shopping


The other day, driving my daughter to school, I caught sight of an object on the side of the road.  My heart raced.  What would it be?  Trash or treasure?  The next great find? or something best left for the junkyard?  In this case, I passed, because as I drew closer I saw that that beautiful object obscured by shining sun was just an old TV stand.  But I don’t give up because sometimes you find something truly beautiful, such as these funky Adirondack chairs.  Even though it took me twenty minutes to get them in the car, it was well worth it!


About thecraftylawyer

I am a Washington, D.C. lawyer by day, but like most of us, I juggle work and family and try, try, TRY to keep a hobby or two for myself. For me, that's a little art on the side. I make jewelry and do a lot of collage work and thought it was about time to start memorializing some of the quirky things I do, the fun finds, and just the random bits of beauty and art that surround us all the time, if we just know where to look. Find my jewelry on Etsy at Craftylawyer27 . I believe in Whimsy You Can Wear!

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