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April is over–thank heaven!


Despite the weekly reminders from the automated WordPress tickler, I didn’t write anything in April.  it was a busy, crazy, month, with some great visits from family, torrential showers, beautiful spring days, and bittersweet memories.  Rebecca had some very good days and a few really bad ones.    We marked the anniversary of my dad’s passing quietly, sending some prayers and good thoughts his way on April 27.  I’ve been thinking recently of  his grin–a particularly robust smile that filled his face whenever one of his children came home.  He also used it whenever he was making up a bit of doggerel to sing to a child or grandchild (see below). I saw that grin plenty of times upon returning from college, and graduate school, and work ,and I only wish now i could see it one more time.  Instead, I like to look for proof of his smile in the universe.

 I was thinking of all of this after getting off the shuttle bus in Rochester, Minnesota today.  We are here to attend a program for Rebecca at the Mayo Clinic and the shuttle station is as busy as any railway depot.  My shuttle was packed with people being dropped off at various hotels.  it was a noisy shuttle, not the somber ride I expected at all–it was filled with laughter.  I was texting a friend who reminded me that I was back in the Midwest, after all, but I also think that the people on that shuttle were flush with the idea that they were taking charge of their illness.  Going to Mayo is a big deal, after all, and you do immediately feel like people are kind and taking care of you.  So, I’m glad to be rid of April, hoping that May brings good things, and on the hunt for my dad’s smile here in Rochester.  I will keep you posted. Image