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Getting Crafty in Rochester

Getting Crafty in Rochester

It’s Day 12 of our month at Mayo Clinic and we are constantly finding surprises in the Rochester area.  A great treat this week was a local arts fair–one block long–called Art on the Avenue (Fourth Avenue Southeast ).  Since its inception a few years ago, the art fair has moved from block to block of Fourth Avenue.  Every year, a different neighbor sponsors the event and hosts a sculpture created by a local artist that was specially designed for the event.   There are bandsImage

and food and local artists–some established and some just getting started.   Here are some of our cool finds.

Yum–beautifully crafted macarons and Mondrian cake–pound cake cut and colored to represent a Mondrian painting.  Almost too pretty too eat


Sharon Su of Persimmon Bakeshop stands by her yummy wares

from Persimmon Bakeshop.


Yard Art Flower Plates by Kim Phelps

Glass flowers.   Kim Phelps, the creator of these jewel like flowers says she gathers old glass dishes from garage sales and such and then puts together many flowers at a time, moving dishes around until she finds the right fit, coming back at a later time to glue the pieces together, add glass baubles and finish her creations

Can you imagine how pretty these flowers would look in the snow?  And check out the cheerful purple house in the backgroundImage

Another great discovery, the creativity of Paul Bennett, whose Dwell Local line of upcycled, reclaimed, re-invented thrift store items  and wall hangings is just too much fun.  I’m particularly taken with his button flower signs and the terrific yardstick tables.  I had to keep reminding myself that we couldn’t haul furniture back to DC–otherwise, I might have snagged a table.Image


At the heart of all this creativity is Concerned Citizens for A Creative Community, or  C4 cooperative, a local group devoted to making space for art in Rochester.  They offer all kinds of activities and display space, helping to nurture a creative spirit for Rochester residents–and for those of us who are calling the place home for even a little bit.  Image

I will confess, however, that one of the best things about the fair, besides seeing my daughter out and about, was that people noticed my jewelry.  You feel validated when people who actually have booths at an ART FAIR say, “Oh, I love your necklace.”  There is something that makes you feel like part of the community–and the artists of Rochester are very welcoming, indeed.


I wore “She said good” and the happy homemaker “Amazing Self” to the fair that day. And they liked it, they liked it!!!!